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About Construction

Being one of the key industries in Europe, the construction industry failed to innovate through digitization in the last twenty years. The resulting inefficiency imposes high cost on both society & the environment.  Our vision is to enable reliable and sustainable construction leveraging technology and design. We are developing an integrated construction process driving efficiency and reducing information friction.

Who we are

We are a young and dynamic team of passionate people with a variety of nationalities and thus an open-minded working culture. Our strategy is to attract and retain the best people and provide the best working culture to inspire our teams to live our company values.  We are positive people who see opportunities rather than problems.


Our Values

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  • You have courage to make tough decisions
  • You challenge decisions inconsistent with our values
  • You only say things about co-workers you will say to their face
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  • You seek to overdeliver on your goals
  • You are eager to improve on daily basis
  • You have our long term vision in mind
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  • You are eager to learn new things and are interested in the big picture
  • You are not afraid of uncertainty in your environment
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  • You stand for Construyo and its values
  • You celebrate wins
  • You inspire others to reach their full potential

What is so special about working in Construyo?

Emad Alam

Emad Alam

Tech Lead

“There are different type of things that are special or at least not conventional compared to other places; one thing is that we are solving a real world problem and I know that because my wife is an architect. That makes me feel a lot of satisfaction while working because we have a big impact. I think that’s why everybody at Construyo is so extremely motivated. We are not experts in every field, but that is not stopping us from going out and learning to become an expert. At Construyo everybody goes the extra mile. That keeps me motivated.”

Construyo Newsha

Newsha Argashi


“If you love being listened to, Construyo is the right place for you. Construyo places high value on the employees and encourages them to learn, grow, and innovate inside the company and that’s what makes it special. We are all working happily here and this has created a family environment, where everybody is there for each other.”

Construyo Alex

Alex Peasey

MKT Manager

“The company culture is a big reason why I like Construyo so much. I feel like due to the wonderful people, an amazing community spirit develops naturally. On the one hand it’s caused by our hiring process and on the other hand by amazing team events like playing laser tag or driving a boat together. 

I have an amazing variety of tasks in my day to day routine. I enjoy being able to experience the whole marketing funnel and I think everybody feels that way and that creates such a satisfied and welcoming culture where I can enjoy myself.”